Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

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Re: Nikon DF, the ultimate in shallow posturing?

englishfil wrote:

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

Why no manual focus aids? Why?

Nikon has explained this. It seems they wanted to keep the viewfinder uncluttered -presumably because market research has shown that users prefer this. As several posts have correctly noted it is not possible to make screen aids, such as microprism collars, that work well across the full range of maximum apertures.

So basically they are too lazy and complacent to make ANY kind of focus aid?

Such a let down that the "pure photography" doesn't fix the one big issue with DSLR's, and that is, the viewfinders on them just plain suck compared to film SLR's.

Nikon don't have the brain nor the backbone to implement manual focus aid

Nikon has provided, with many of its DSLRs, the >o< viewfinder focus aid that works quite well for manual focusing and is not tied to the centre of the focusing screen. IMHO if that symbology could somehow be combined with the active focus point, rather than stuck below, then it would be perfect. The Df is a modern DSLR with retro touches, many users will use it mostly in AF and to hamper that functionality by harking back to the FM2 viewfinder would not have been wise.

The confirm doesn't cut it on what it "thinks" is in focus.

AF system is mediocre to boot.

Not mediocre, just not the best they make; still a long way from mediocre. This is specification choice is down to, probably, size, weight, power and lastly product differentiation - Nikon make a high speed, high performance camera with this sensor and its called the D4s(?). If the Df is aimed mostly at the slower, more considered photographer then blistering AF performance is not a high priority.

It has no corner points, therefore everything in the corner requires recompose.

All in all, it's a camera that missed the mark. If it HAD the manual focus aids, it would be the camera it promised to be with all the noise they made about F lenses.

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