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Re: Shutter Shock is NOT a myth. About the fixes.

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I'm fairly surprised by the lack of more visible shake all round. It looks as if making three or four exposures with the shutter speed set slightly above the focal length rule (1/80th-1/100th here at 70mm) will in my case produce at least one clean result.

There shouldn't be any clean results if your alleged shutter shake is real. How do you explain a clean result with shutter shake? The earth moved just the right amount to counterbalance the camera shutter at the exact moment maybe?

If you have any experience of cameras in general - I have in all formats from subminiature to 10 x 8 including some of the worst shutter-mirror shake offenders ever made, like the Bronica C - you'll know that hand-held results

Ok I had figured you at least used a tripod with those shots. If they were hand held they're utterly worthless for any kind of shake test, I can't imagine why you even bothered.

This issue has been tested to death with tripods. They offer repeatability and tend to show the shock quite consistently in specific shutter speed range, 1/100 +/- some depending on the lens over 100-150 mm, depending on lens weight/dimensions.

Handheld is equally interesting; there have been findings suggesting that heavy lens + handheld is not affected by the shock (LLoyd Chambers). Mushy human body is not that good at transferring vibration and heavy/sturdy lens propably absorb some. Then there is the question of whether or not IS is help or liability here (IMO it looks like it can be either as I'm getting good results with my 100/2.8L IS shooting shutter speeds in the middle of problem range.) and that obviously means handheld testing.

I have questioned Lloyd Cambers' work on his issue before. Formerly a respected researcher, he seems now to be part of a movement to demonstrate tthe Olympus E-M1's superiority over the Sony FF cameras. Be that as it may, these reports from Lloyd and Kirk on this issue is questionable to he extreme. Again, there is no solid evidence of SS with the A7r.

Being a subscriber to LLoyds work I could not disagree more. He is pretty close to predicting m43 death and saying "why would one buy M1 when there is FF available with same price". Even his the latest blog post compares M1 to 1.4 liter car when FF is a big block V8. Lloyd is also the one who reported that there is no evidence of shutter shock with heavier MF lenses when shooting handheld. Lloyd may be many things but he is very far from a m43/M1 evangelist.

You were quicker with your reply than myself.

Lloyd critisizes anyone he sees reason to. Leica for software bugs/EVF quality etc., Nikon D800 for AF accuracy and lack of good live view for MF. Sony A7R for mechanical shutter/shock. And all this for a real reasons he demostrates well enough. Too many people want to shoot the messenger when they do not like the message.

Personally I have no reason make any judgement on this only based on 3rd party reports. I've tested this on weighted down tripod, central column down with tethering, even varying light to normalize ISO for different shutter speeds. Sony 55-210 is practically useless at 210 mm (with focus distance only 11 meters, distance makes things worse), all my other lenses at <= 100 mm seem fine enough, provided I stabilize the tripod well. Thus I have no reason to think other tele (and why not others like FE55, when bad things line up in worst case) lenses could not be affected.

Like said, I'm already optimizing my own method and adding workarounds for this as I know I'll be shooting other lenses too (a tele is coming, don't know which yet) and I want to be able to shoot as vibration free as possible in different conditions. I'm an A7R fan (love the camera, best thing since sliced bread), but I'm no fanboy who has to be in denial when I can see an issue with my own eyes. And I am hoping Sony would address the issue too. Just make it possible to have delay before shutter opens.

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