The future for Fuji cameras

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Joel Stern
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To TransX or not?

I was talking to a Fuji technical guy at Fuji today as a friend has a new 23mm lens and could not figure out how to make it into AF as it was MF only.  So the problem was solved and we got to talking and I mentioned DPR and the fact that many people think the TransX is a problem, it certainly has been a challenge for many in PP.... He told me to wait as you never know what will come up, but that being said, it means little at this point in time, but time will tell. I think without the TransX for many a Fuji XE would be much more attractive just because it is a commitment in a system that can change in a minute and I think will. But then any system will, it happened to me already with Ricoh's GXR, no more lenses from Ricoh just the M mount and any adapters for other than M lenses.... Not what I bought into (I thought).... at least with Fuji the glass will remain and that glass sure seems to be very good, well that is an understatement.

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