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Well I tend to agree about moving on but still I seen others not buy into this system due to the myth. It's sad a system can get a bad rap so quickly over nothing. If I was a Sony engineer I would be banging my head against the wall. Sure its more difficult to get sharp images but it has nothing to do with shutter shock. I think we have all become so spoiled to IS as other features we have forgotten how to take pictures. When you are dealing with a camera this small and put a big lens on it with no IS it takes a little work to get a crisp picture.

So how do you explain the same shutter shock when the camera is mounted onto a tripod, is that still just a myth?

The tripod effect has little do do with shutter shock. It has to do with IBIS, and the nedd to always shut of in-camera IBIS when using a tripod on Olympus cameras. This is extremely well documented on the M43. Forum, if you look through the archives you can find a lot of information there.

You really do need to read the whole of these reports and not just skim through them. The Sony A7r has been tested with non I.S equipped telephoto lenses on tripods and there is still shutter shock.

I had the E-M5 and E-M1 and there is defiantly something going on with those. I have since left Olympus but is the IS not working or shutter shock I don't know but my personal keeper rate was around 75-80%. The Olympus system just doesn't suit me. How can one be 100% sure it's shutter shock or the IS failing? Without seeing inside the camera it's just a good guess.

As I said, everyone knows to never use IBIS with a tripod on any Olympus camera.

I never intended to use the a7R for wildlife as I really think it's not made for that nor sports but I wanted to explore the shutter shock issue. Again mirrorless technology is still a long ways from the performance of a DSLR/SLT.

But I see no failures on the cameras part. When I miss focus it my fault and not a moving sensor or a slapping shutter. I think the myth is from the loud shutter sound.

Not that I wrote this part that you are replying to but when you see dual imaging that is not miss focus.

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