Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

After intensive research, I decided to grab a used NEX-7 for $600 (Cdn) from local craigslist. I love A99. I went to Sony store couple of times to try it with Sony Zeiss 50mm  --- Good color, solid body, in-body stabilization, flexible LCD. I can accept $2000 for the body, but the lens (Sony Zeiss 50mm and 135mm) I am interested in are way over my budget. Also I can not use C/Y Zeiss which I am using on my 5dII and NEX-5N (unless Leitax).  I am happy with my current setup except fixed LCD on 5D II and no EVF on NEX-5N and no in-body stabilization on both.  Hopefully Sony will put in-body stabilization in the future version of A7/A7R. The cycle of new cameras is much shortened these years. I will focus more on taking photo instead of swapping cameras. Thanks, JJCPA

eawhitcomb wrote:

Do it jjcpa!!! Last year I sold all my Canon gear and got myself the A99. I absolutely love it. When I had my Canon I would always be watching to see what was coming out next and I'd always get the next upgrade. With the Sony I find I don't really even pay attention to what cameras are out there -- I am perfectly content with what I have. The image quality from my A99 far surpasses anything I ever got out of my Canon (keep in mind, though, that my Canon was a 60D -- not full frame). I feel like I finally found the camera that is the perfect fit for me.

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