The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

57even wrote:

No. Most first time users or buyers of entry level SLRs generally have no idea, and they are quite used to a compact or smart-phone so unlike you they don't care about EVFs.

The OVF on entry level (and most APSC) SLRs is pretty awful anyway. I know several people who bought an EVF camera because is was much brighter and easier to see, plus you have all the information in the VF and you don't have to hold it at arm's length to do video.

I am completely OK using an EVF alongside my D800, and I don't mind it in the least. It's extremely convenient being able to preview so much information (WB, exposure etc) before firing the shutter, and it's much easier to manual focus (magnified image etc).

AF is also far more accurate and it's no longer slow by comparison. As for tracking, most entry level SLR cameras can't track a three legged tortoise so I don't see that makes any difference.

LOL!! I suggest that not only can entry level SLR's track moving objects well, but that an (almost) *10 year* old DSLR* can outperform today's mirrorless.

My images, shot from a ancient Canon 350D. These planes are going 400-500 mph (a bit faster than your average 3 legged tortoise LOL!!) and were low flying and shooting out from behind tall buildings from unknown areas. I could not tell from what direction they would appear (they weree moving so fast that the sounds were heard only after the planes shot by you) and had extremely short times to spot them, aim and fire off a shot.

But if you don't know you will buy a Canon or Nikon SLR because that's what everyone else does.

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