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If shutter shock exists & I think that there is evidence that it does then it doesn't just affect longer telephoto lenses - it affects all lenses at certain shuter speeds , it's just that the movement affects longer lenses in a more easily seen manner.

I prefer to use low ISO's & often shoot images using the affected shutter speeds & this is a very real deterrent to me getting one of these cameras. The option of using higher ISO's in order to get higher shutter speeds does not seem am acceptable long-term solution to me. In the UK there is not blazing sunshine most of the time which forces us to use ND filters & the like to tame potential over -exposure

The fact that it seems to cause problems with IS systems is a double blow as I personally like to use IS whenever possible. These issues suggest that Sony rushed these cameras to market without properly considering this issue , I just hope that there is a firmware solution to the problem but I fear that there may not be one ?

I have not seen a shred of evidence of shutter shock with the 7r. I've examined all the links including Digilloyd and it's all misinformation, far as I can see, shutter shock is present in my 2 M43 cameras. (E-PL1 and E-PM1.) Putting in the 1/8 sec. delay works. Sorry for introducing this here but to me it is relevant to my point.

But I believe that IS is a separate issue on those cameras. An early 2-dimensional in-camera IBIS system, I have seen it cause very similar vibrations all by itself, (and while the 1/8 sec. delay was ON, ensuring that this occurence was shutter-shock independent.)

Turning off IBIS enhanced the picture effect in the same way as invoking the 1/8 second delay. But I am satisfied that IS effect and shutter-shock are separate issues, on these Olympus cameras.

I cannot speak to a similar effect caused by in-lens IS systems like Sony's OSS.

If you can accept that the A7r may indeed not have shutter shock effect, then you may like to ask; what, if anything, did Sony perform in the A7r design that prevents SS?

With respect I think that you are in denial - there is plenty of evidence that SS exist. Of course Sony could settle this issue once & for all by issuing a detailed denial with appropriate evidence but as usual they are keeping silent.

How can I be in denial about a camera which I don't own, and which I don't even like? No need for psychobabble here; we get enough of that from the trolls who visit. I'm just looking for the truth.

There are lots of people who believe there must be Shutter Shock in the A7 and will speak about it endlessly. But where did these rumors originate? One of the strongest proponents was once a respected reviewer, and now seems to be a shill for the M43 community.

If you have any SOLID evidence why don't you present it. Then we can discuss that.

The solid evidence has been presented but you seem to just be sticking your head in the sand regarding it. One of the strongest proponents also does not like m43 yet he is also saying the A7r has shutter shock issues with certain lens combinations.

Stu I'vee liked most of your posts so. Far and the work and discussions you have presented. So let's just let this slide unil such time as you can put something that caan truly be cnsidered as solid 'evidence' on the table.



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