Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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51 focus points, 2048 metering zones

On the D800 and D7100 (I have both) there are 51 focussing points.

- Sometimes its useful to select just one focussing point (example: the eyes on a portrait).

- If the camera shows any signs of not getting focus correctly I use the central point (most sensitive)

- Most of the time I let the camera choose the closest focussing zone. The display shows me all the focussing points which are in focus. If it's not chosen the right part of the scene I take my finger off the shutter release, reframe slightly and try again. Often the camera gets it right the second time

- On continuous focussing with a moving subject the camera will continue to follow focus on a moving subject as it crosses the field of view. With 51 focussing zones it can do this pretty accurately

I use only Matrix metering. The camera lightmeter measures the light and colour over 2048 zones, figures out what kind of scene it's looking at and makes an intelligent guess at what the exposure should be. It's fairly accurate but I often fine-tune exposure, contrast etc. in my RAW files before converting to JPG. If the scene has a lot of white or black then I do a shot, check the histogram and resulting image and adjust exposure using the under/over button

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