Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

cosmonaut wrote:

Well I tend to agree about moving on but still I seen others not buy into this system due to the myth. It's sad a system can get a bad rap so quickly over nothing. If I was a Sony engineer I would be banging my head against the wall. Sure its more difficult to get sharp images but it has nothing to do with shutter shock. I think we have all become so spoiled to IS as other features we have forgotten how to take pictures. When you are dealing with a camera this small and put a big lens on it with no IS it takes a little work to get a crisp picture.

So how do you explain the same shutter shock when the camera is mounted onto a tripod, is that still just a myth?

I had the E-M5 and E-M1 and there is defiantly something going on with those. I have since left Olympus but is the IS not working or shutter shock I don't know but my personal keeper rate was around 75-80%. The Olympus system just doesn't suit me. How can one be 100% sure it's shutter shock or the IS failing? Without seeing inside the camera it's just a good guess.

I never intended to use the a7R for wildlife as I really think it's not made for that nor sports but I wanted to explore the shutter shock issue. Again mirrorless technology is still a long ways from the performance of a DSLR/SLT.

But I see no failures on the cameras part. When I miss focus it my fault and not a moving sensor or a slapping shutter. I think the myth is from the loud shutter sound.

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