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Re: Shutter Shock is NOT a myth. About the fixes.

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I'm fairly surprised by the lack of more visible shake all round. It looks as if making three or four exposures with the shutter speed set slightly above the focal length rule (1/80th-1/100th here at 70mm) will in my case produce at least one clean result.

There shouldn't be any clean results if your alleged shutter shake is real. How do you explain a clean result with shutter shake? The earth moved just the right amount to counterbalance the camera shutter at the exact moment maybe?

If you have any experience of cameras in general - I have in all formats from subminiature to 10 x 8 including some of the worst shutter-mirror shake offenders ever made, like the Bronica C - you'll know that hand-held results

Ok I had figured you at least used a tripod with those shots. If they were hand held they're utterly worthless for any kind of shake test, I can't imagine why you even bothered.

Because I was testing OSS and IS - wise up! You can't use these at all on a tripod and their whole purpose is to stabilise hand held shots. The purpose of this test was to see whether OSS/SigmaOS were doing the intended job.

Show me a test of stabilisation shot on a tripod, and you'll be showing me a genuinely worthless test.


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