It´s a dogs life….another Df thread;)

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Re: It´s a dogs life….another Df thread;)

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I'm curious. What df features does this snap illustrate?

Would the image look different if taken with a D800 or a Canon, and if so, how would it look different?

Well, it shows IS0 2000 performance which should be better than than D800 and any Canon. Colors and WB indoors are shown. Its actually a pretty nice shot with creamy nice short DOF of a 35 at 1.6. Its good to be reminded that that the DF is an awesome picture taking machine what ever one thinks of other aspects of it.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Nonsense, at ISO2000 a Canon 6D would do this shot just as well and a D800 would be so close as to make no difference. It's just a snap of a dog in a bedroom by a guy that has just bought DF, it may as well have been posted on

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Hope it doesn't ruin your day but I find the Df noticeably better in low light than my D800…have no experience with Canon 6D so I can't tell…my first DSLR was a Canon F1 so I have a bond to Canon too…regarding snaps taste is different…in Sweden we are very fond of snaps…(joke: snaps in Sweden is shot of vodka) ….anyway I liked your gallery very much…

Thank you for remaining positive. Sometimes comments like this and that made by the 4x5 irk me, but you took it in stride and replied so well.

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