Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Off the Grid - there's a reason....

Sean Nelson wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

No phone, if I had one then people could contact me.

That reminds me of Wally, the lazy worker in the "Dilbert" cartoons. In one strip he's in a meeting saying: "My voice mailbox is full, and my spam filter rejects all incoming e-mail. As soon as I build up a good load of ear wax I'll be completely off the grid."

I'm getting there, one ear already has gone rather deaf.....

The reason for my aversion to phones is that the only calls I get seem to be from friends and relatives with computer problems. It's a case of most calls proceed like this "Hi, happy new year, blah, blah, blah.... oh, by the way, my computer...."

After working hands-on fixing the darn things since 1963, I retired early in 1988 due to a modest windfall of $$$. Since then have never managed to escape from fixing computers.

One daughter went totally Apple so removed that source of problems as I know nothing of Apple and do not want to learn. The other daughter luckily married a computer geek so that's taken care of, but I still get calls from the geek's father....

I don't mind photography questions and problems but 50 years of hands-on computer fixing has stretched my patience.

Regards.... Guy

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