The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

John Carson wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

John Carson wrote:

Panasonic introduced the G1 in 2008, following years of development. The future was clear then.

Not at all. I recall all kinds of issues with this camera, particularly it's beyond lethargic focusing. No one was proclaiming the future is mirrorless back then.

Its focusing was not "beyond lethargic" (though the first offering from Olympus was widely criticised on that basis). DP Review declared in its review.

"And our initial tests would suggest that they have solved at least one of the technological problems mentioned earlier (the contrast-detect autofocus is easily as fast as any other entry-level DSLR)." (emphasis added)

Phase detect has been fast for a long time. Contrast detect is still much slower. Did DP mean that the G1's AF was as fast as the live- view AF on a DSLR?  I had a circa 2008 entry level DSLR and its AF was hardly as slow as even a current mirrorless.

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