Don't use compressed air to clean lenses or sensors !

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Re: Don't use compressed air to clean lenses or sensors !

EdnaBambrick wrote:

I had to post this because someone is posting bad advice into the forums.

Here's the right way.

Last but not least avoid 'wet cleaning' of sensors as much as possible.

I have yet to find a solution that does not leave residue. Sensor Swabs and Dust Aid included but Dust Aid maybe a little less.

Although I agree with you about not using compressed air on a sensor, I see no issue with it to dust off your camera/lens body, which I do often with no negative effects. Personally, I use Office Depot brand, which claims it does not leave a residue. I always hold the can level while spraying.  Furthermore, I don't spray at point blank range, to ensure I don't blow dust inside the lens/camera openings.

In other words, I think it's find to use, as long as you do so appropriately.

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