Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: STOP PLEASE.. why this reaction in such fashion?

I have agreed and appreciated you past comments KE, but beg to differ on this matter.  You seem to have a lot of disposable income to spend on cameras considering what you have stated as to cameras you own.  Many of us aren't as fortunate and are pretty much "stuck" or "captive".  I've seriously considered jumping to Nikon and yesterday spent some time looking at the cost.  The "refurbished" 7000 for $639 seemed a very good starting point, then I started looking at replacement for some of my old lenses, Minolta 50mm Macro, 50mm 1.7 and Beercan alone would be very expensive to replace, even on a trade in basis.  In this sense I really am a "captive" to Sony's whims which I probably will stick with unless it become totally unbearable.  NEX cameras with adaptors just don't seem like a vey good solution to me for many of the reasons you, yourself, pointed out so I'm in a holding pattern waiting for bodies I like, prices to drop, and Sony to demonstrate more commitment to the A mount than they have recently.

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