Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

captura wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

captura wrote:

SS is probably a myth with the A7r. No real evidence ever presented, just a lot of babble.

Lots of websites are showing a lot more than just babble.

SS certainly exists with the Olympus cameras...I prevent it on my 2 Olympus cameras by setting up for a 1/8 sec. delay. The improvement is noticeable.

Something which you cannot do on the Sony A7r yet, to be able to access if it makes any difference.

But ...still no evidence.

No can say there is no evidence as much as you want but it you choose to ignore what has been posted on websites or just do not have sufficient knowledge on the subject to understand the information that does not mean it does not exist. If people took notice of similar comments as yours on all the different websites, no camera brand would have ever had produced a camera that suffers from shutter shock. Quite often some of the people who claim that shutter shock does not exist also post photos that they say are pin sharp... unfortunately they are often not.

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