Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

TacticDesigns wrote:

By going manual . . . if you don't nail it . . . the camera is not there to save you . . . the image doesn't turn out. It's kinda like getting your hands slapped! LOL. Hurts . . . but you might remember more from the failure than the camera saving you IMHO . . .

By going manual... if you are using a meter, you might as well use some of the auto modes. Many times people mean the wrong thing when they claim they are shooting in Manual mode. Most of those people don't use any external light meter and just rely on the meter in the camera and set the shutter speed and aperture by centering the meter, which is actually the same as letting the camera do the same work, just slower. Few people are using external meters, and even that is pretty pointless unless the incident light is measured with it. Guessing the light is pretty pointless because you WILL fail far too often to be a meaningful exercise so you learn NOTHING without a meter. Even in the old film days (at least the last 60-80 years) people used some kind of external meters if the exposure was critical or if the light was difficult. Yes, a lot could be corrected in the lab, but that was done only out of necessity or because one wanted to get some special effects.

Same with the WB. When you have used color film you set the "WB" by using the right film if that was possible, or adjusted the color temperature using color correction filters. If everything went wrong you tried to save the image in the lab during the enlarging process. Now, you can change the WB in every image if you like, you can do a manual WB setting using grey card and the WB is right directly out of the camera. There is no need for extra work. Of course, shooting in raw gives the opportunity to work with it during PP, and the results will still be better than in the old days. Very few had any color temperature analyzer, so color accuracy was not that great during the film days.

If you figure out the exposure triangle inside and out . . . understanding all the metering modes become a breeze.

You don't need to loads of missed images to figure that out, in fact you don't need to shoot in manual at all to understand how shutter speed, ISO and aperture is connected to the light intensity.

That's what I had to go through on my dad's Pentax SV.

Well, that's OK, but there is no reason why one can not learn without using primitive methods. I have also used primitive cameras, Zenit, Minolta, Asahi Pentax, Olympus and others but would not start learning the same way today if I had a choice.

Modern tools are invented to be used, and by using modern tools one can learn even more, or one can just ignore most and concentrate on the composition and the art part of photography.

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