Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

Started Jan 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Its not just MFT , "photography" as we know it is dying off..

Kids want instagram and to take pics on their iPhones.

Thats it.

MFT simply won't survive this IMO.  IQ is better but not better by enough for people to care about it.

The enthusiast market is probably smaller than we realise.  I think it will embrace highest IQ.  MFT is never going to win in the IQ comparisons.

So IMO , MFT will get squeezed out on each side.  Snappers will use their phones.  Enthusiasts will want better IQ and go full frame, especially if makers start making FF cameras smaller, faster and lighter.

DSLR's will remain for enthusiasts who want specialisms like long lenses and shooting birds and sport.

But in the main, snappers will use their phones.

MFT will be gone, but it will probably take a decade or so.  So anyone spending hard cash on EM-1 really need not worry.  Use it and enjoy it.  It will all be worthless junk in a decade anyway IMO.

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