Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Unused smartphones for photos!

Just got back from visiting my family in PA., it's been 5 years since I was last up and my nieces and nephews were in college back then. They are all out in the workplace now and I was surprised to see that all of them had smartphones but none were using them to take photos. When photo opportunities presented themselves each one would pull out a compact camera and not cheap compact's but sophisticated compacts. They were using Samsung, Nikon, and Sony cameras. In speaking with each one I learned that they sometimes used their smartphones for snapshots but if they knew there would be photos opps' they always carried a compact, good image quality camera with them for important photos. So young people are sophisticated enough to know a quality image is more likely with a device designed to take quality photos than an add on app on a device designed to make phone calls. Just my 2 cents in the future of photographic tools.

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