D610 long-exposure noise

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Re: D610 long-exposure noise

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Very informative thread.

Where does one look for how quickly any given sensor cools?

In practical terms, assume an ambitious photographer wants to take a 3-frame bracketed spread of long exposures, perhaps for HDR or some other purpose. If they are fired off as closely-spaced as possible (which means LENR is off) so there's minimal change -- in say, 3 exposures of 30 seconds each -- won't that third frame be a LOT noisier (assuming LENR is off) since it's in some sense the "final third" of what's effectively a 90-second exposure?

And even with LENR enabled that would be the fifth frame of a six-frame exposure, right? LENR has been adding heat between each of the frames because it's creating a "dark" frame to process with.

I think it depends on a lot of factors how many noise you'll get. Do you make a LE on a very warm night, or in the cold in mid winter. It's hard to say when your sensor will give you more or less hot pixel noise. Warm weather, Using LV and performing a lot of LE's right after each other will surely heat up the sensor, but LENR should deal with it for the removal of the most parts of the heated bright sensor pixels.

In observatoria they make LE's up to several hours and have image sensors to be cooled with liquid nitrogen. LENR is a very useful technique in (semi-pro) consumer digital camera's.


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