Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

paul2009 wrote:

hmm. So is it that with numerous AF points the camera takes an average? What is the advantage of having so many AF points? Surely, in the end, the camera only focuses on one part of the field?

The AF system is quite well described in the manual, but in a way you are right, if you select Auto area and 51 points the most probable outcome is some kind of averaging between the points the camera selected. Of course, the focus is only right in one plane, so how well the Auto AF area works depends a lot on the subject. Generally it isn't a good idea to have Auto AF area selected as focus mode since the camera has no idea about what you want to photograph. Nikon is quite good at selecting faces, but not 100% accurate, so even if you only shoot people you must be careful.

51 AF points (in PDAF mode) gives you better options to nail your target in case you don't want to focus/recompose and it is also giving you better possibilities to follow moving targets. No Nikon FX has 52 AF points, only 51 or 39, depending on the model.

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