Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

Rservello wrote:

paul2009 wrote:

Event_shooter wrote:

You're confusing METERING with FOCUSING. Yes it FOCUSES on one point , BUT meters for 52 points and averages that.
It does not average focus????

Ah, ok. Of course. This is embarrassing.

But if you're shooting manually (which I am currently trying to teach myself to do) then the metering is irrelevant?

Be brutal. I need to learn.


The metering is not affect the outcome of your image. In manual mode only you decide how you want the image to look like. However, the metering will still measure the exposure and give info in the viewfinder on how it want you to adjust ISO, aperture or shutter speed. That will be visible in the viewfinder looking at the exposure compensation.

Sadly, the in camera spot meter is typically massively inaccurate. Use an incident meter and experience. I very rarely look at the internal meter.

No, the D800 Spot meter is accurate, but the problem is that you can never meter anything pother than the reflected light if you are using the camera as a meter. Only an external meter can meter the incident light, but also that ONLY if you do it right, which is to meter off the subject, aiming towards the camera. If you use the external meter as you use the camera, measuring the reflected light, than the results will be similar to the camera.

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