40mm 2.8 stm vs 35mm f2 IS

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Re: 40mm 2.8 stm vs 35mm f2 IS

A more realistic comparison would be the 40 STM v. the original 35/2. I have both these lenses.

The 35/2 can be found used for just over the price of the 40 (around $200+), and has no IS. 40 has more dramatic vignetting wide open to f/5.6. The vignetting on the 35 is strong, but bad from f/2 to near f/4, so an improvement there for blur and aid in focusing.

I have quite a bit more focus irregularity with the 40 on my 1Ds3 and 1D3 than I do with the 35. By that I mean it can be focused fine at a set distance and subject, then jump focus so the subject is OOF, then back. It's disconcerting and makes the lens unsuitable for me to use for paid assignments or one-time-only events. The 35 is extremely consistent and accurate.

The 35 IS is by all accounts and examples I've seen a nice improvement in IQ and functioning over the original. Now that prices are coming down, I'm looking forward to getting one to upgrade and maybe get rid of my Samyang 35/1.4 as well. The IS will be a welcome bonus.

Given the choice between the 40 and the original 35, I'd take the 35 every time. The 40 does its best in being a cute little thing.

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