Raw vs Jpeg II from Capt. Obvious

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Raw vs Jpeg II from Capt. Obvious

I thought of adding this comment to the earlier thread but rather than let it get buried there I decided to make this a stand-alone comment.

Note that for many here this is going to be a "Thank you Captain Obvious" insight but given some of the comments in the earlier thread I thought it might be worthwhile for some.

There is often talk about whether one really needs to shoot raw and whether or not jpeg is good enough.

There are two additional aspects to shooting raw that has nothing to do with latitude or IQ.

One might broadly be referred to as "IC" or image character.  Different raw converters render differently.  Push an image through DxO and the default image will be different from pushing it through ACR or Photo Ninja.

Each will have a signature look.  It can be validly argued that you can push and pull the images so that the final files can be made to be very similar but to some extent that is beside the point.

Experienced people will chose one converter over another for one kind of image and a second for another type.  DxO for architecture vs C1 for portraits for example.

When you shoot strictly jpeg only the manufacturers rendering is available to you.

The second might be referred to as "future proofing".  Post-processing is obviously software-based and software constantly gets better.

There may being algorithms available five years from now that wipe the floor with what we are currently using.

If you shoot jpeg you are always stuck at a technological moment in time whereas a raw can be rendered in 2014 and subsequently better rendered ten years from now with 2024 software.

It will be argued that all of the above is equally valid of JPEG but people who work from raw and understand the difference know that is not true.

My advice will always be to shoot raw + jpeg.

Enjoy the jpegs that work out nicely sooc.

Work the raw for any image that you feel is special to or send those pictures to a pro that will manage it for you.

Save both files for archival purposes - storage is dirt cheap.  ( 2TB = $100.00)

These issues will never be a concern with people who are less involved with their photography but are of great importance to those that are (or might be one day).

It reminds me of the old expression:  "For some no explanation is possible; for others no explanation is necessary".

Captain Obvious signing off…….

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