Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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on Nex C3, 3264 pixel width is full resolution

heliguy wrote:'s your Minolta top 10?

RussellInCincinnati:Well one tends to be reticent about talking up lenses that you might buy some day. Would just as soon people continue to think that the Minolta AF 50/1.7 is a terrible lens...

havoc315 wrote: ...It is capable of good shots

But other than that

havoc315: is not a particularly good lens.

Rus: So true.

hav: Need to stop it down just to get acceptable sharpness.

Rus: Yes, was forced all the way down to F/2.2 today for this one.

hav: Bad contrast.

Do you have side by side examples of the same-aperture bad contrast of this lens, versus some other of its focal length?

hav: For a prime, it has a lot distortion.

Am still hoping you can link us to all those sub-$1000-dollar 50mm F/1.7 fixed-focal length full frame lenses, with significantly less than the Minolta's 0.4% distortion...or at least a photo where the Minolta's distortion was noticeable.

hav: Yes, when used properly, with good post processing [it's ok],

Now am getting interested in linking to those other lenses, that give good results with poor post-processing.

hav: ...But I would never use it as a model of Minolta lenses.

Good, would just as soon people continue to think that the Minolta AF 50/1.7 is a terrible lens. Let's also agree that the Minolta AF 85/1.4's corner resolution at wide apertures is really bad, too.

hav: Your picture [above]...full resolution would be better.

Hmm, the Nex C3 native sensor resolution is 3264 tall by 4912 pixels wide. The photo above is slightly cropped at the top to 3264x4472, but it is indeed displaying the camera's "full resolution" in the ordinary meaning of the phrase.

hav: Poor contrast

Darn it, note to self: clients want higher contrast portraits.

hav: and soft through out the frame even at 2.2.

Or perhaps you did notice that my F/2.2-shallow-depth-of-field sample photo only has the model's (not center-of-frame) eyes in focus, with the majority of the "throughout the frame" a bit behind the plane of sharp focus.

Surely you'll be posting your way-sharper-on-an-APS-C-sensor 50mm F/2.2 photos.

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