Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

Rservello wrote:

Why are you trying to teach yourself to shoot in manual? What do you think you can achieve in manual that you can't achieve in one of the automatic modes in combination with exposure compensation and the various metering modes?

But to answer your question, metering still matters if you're shooting in manual, just like focus. Even when you shoot manual you're still using the camera's meter to determine the proper exposure and then slightly varying aperture, shutter or something else to achieve a desired effect.

Is this a serious question???? I learned on a Pentax with NOTHING auto. Once you learn to actually use a camera you will never use auto anything. I don't even like auto ISO, since I know what each setting actually does to my photos!

Do you seriously want anyone to believe this? I mean, even if you use an external meter you are using an "auto" mode and I don't believe you can guess the light and the colour temperature right in every situation. There is no shame in using available tools or features. They are there to help you and I don't believe you are not using any of them ever.

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