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Rservello wrote:

frank-in-toronto wrote:

I get out with a lot of new photographers. if asked, i tell them all to set the camera in Aperture priority, select an iso appropriate to the light and worry about composition and getting pics of what they like. if they have auto-iso, even better. i suggest they set it to give 1/fl or faster.

i.e.: when i drive to florida, i'm not learning how an engine works. i want to get to my destination. in photography, pictures are the destination. later when they need to, they can learn a little bit of manual. no rush for that.

This is how times have dramatically changed. When I was in college and took my first photography class we were using all manual film cameras. No auto anything. So you shot with no regrets and prayed something nice came out the other end. When things worked you remembered what you did to make them work...when they didn't you remember that too. As things have gotten more advanced, and camera do more of the work for you, I think these traits have been lost in new photographers. It's ALL about getting the perfect picture, right now, without any discipline or rejection. Turn off your lcd. Turn off any automations. Learn to actually use your camera...and start shooting and see the results. I'm sure most people on here take better pictures than me on here. But, I know what is going on behind the lens. I have shot, and developed film by hand. I learned photoshop in a dark room. I think it makes a huge difference!

+1 million !!!

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