Have your say: the WORST DSLR of 2013 (with poll this time)

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Re: Have your say: the WORST DSLR of 2013 (with poll this time)

peevee1 wrote:

Lord metroid wrote:

I can't believe so many voted for the Canon EOS 100D to be the worst DSLR released in 2013. The camera is wonderful and a lot of fun to use. It got everthing I wished for in a DSLR.

I read the thread but can not find any reasoning behind your votes. I am very curious why you think it is by far the worst DSLR released in 2013.

Because there was nothing worse released in 2013.

Which is not surprising because 100D/SL1 is really 550D/T2i released 4 years ago, only with smaller battery/shorter battery life, weaker flash, worse ergonomics and one of its two microphones removed. Same sensor (at least performing the same according to tests and having the same number of pixels, with minor and non-working modification of having a few pixels replaced by OSPDAF), processor doing the same ~4 fps, same screen, same viewfinder...

Everybody else used the 4 years to drive ahead, while Canon actually had balls to cheapen out the old camera and charge more for it...

Canon did the same with the Eos M2 passed month.

But they did at Wifi at a current premium of $450. That must be the best goldenplated wifi module ever made. #sarcasm

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