Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

cosmonaut wrote:

I understand needing different settings for different effects. But explain to me how a fixed sensor, made in to the PC board and fixed into the camera can move inside the camera? If the camera is sufficiently supported and secured enough not to move it really doesn't matter how hard the shutter hits or how loud it is. I think if there is an issue at all it's a lens issue.

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The instruction manual confirms that the sensor does have ultrasonic vibration for its cleaning mode (this is another question which is being asked). This is not the same as sensor vibration which uses the SSS mechanism - ultrasonic is the term used by Olympus for their thin-film cover sheet which zaps off dust. Maybe that is one thing Sony has got or licenced from their Olympus connection.

I think it indicates that the sensor is fixed as you suggest, though probably not mounted to a PC board - some kind of carriage or support in the body design (PC boards are not precision supports for something like this). If there's any part which moves it will only be the ultrasonic cover sheet.

And I'm sure that most of the obvious softening or double imaging is at least highly dependent on the lens type, IS or no IS, tripod mounting and other aspects.


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