Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

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Re: Idiot question alert - 52 focus points

TacticDesigns wrote:

By going manual . . . if you don't nail it . . . the camera is not there to save you . . . the image doesn't turn out. It's kinda like getting your hands slapped! LOL. Hurts . . . but you might remember more from the failure than the camera saving you IMHO . . .

but if the image doesn't turn out, chances are the camera's meter would've warned you of this anyway. So to me, that's faulty reasoning. All getting a wrong shot will do is teach you to look at the exposure meter, so you're still relying on the camera to tell you the proper exposure. All you're doing is giving yourself more work. The exposure triangle doesn't magically change depending on whether you shoot in manual, aperture or shutter priority. If doing more work makes you feel like you have more control over the shot, then so be it. But the fact remains that you're using the camera's meter to guide you in your exposure.

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