The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

John Gellings wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

IKB wrote:

It's not rankings that matters, it is profitability. If Fujifilm can make money, then why abandon these products?

Have you seen Fujifilm's financials? There is no profitability at all in their camera division. Nothing but losses.

Are they on track?

No, they are going backwards. Losses increased by 260% last quarter, year on year.

Only they know,

No, we do, as the documents are public.

in the meantime enjoy the products.


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It seems strange that Fuji sold way more X cameras than it thought it would (they were shocked at the initial reception of the X100), yet isn't making cash... how is that possible?

Well, the collapse of their compact camera sales was not yet underway while the X100 was in development, so that can explain a bit.

Yet now that the X camera line up is mostly filled out, and there are many lenses for sale, the last year saw losses continue to increase even as revenue went up.   The positive spin on this is that Fujifilm is buying a customer base by all these amazing sale prices that you see every few months.  Lenses like the 14mm and 23mm have been offered for hundreds off their original price.

I dont see how this can work because it is not like lenses get re-bought over and over and over again.

These are desperate times for many camera manufacturers.

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