Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: About comparisons

Ralf B wrote:

topstuff wrote:
one is a small, slow to use, purists cameras designed to handle manual third party lenses, great for studio and casual, wandering-around photography, while the other is a multi-function, multi-featured and multi role camera. You can't compare them. It is daft to try to.

I think you just compared them and came to your conclusions (" one is ... while the other is...") based on that comparison.


I see what you mean, but that is not really the point.

Comparing the two cameras is only worth doing to a limited extent before it becomes quite obvious that the key consideration is NOT the  camera itself, but the purpose for which it is being purchased.

If I am traveling to India and want a FF camera and a couple of primes that will fit in a small bag, then the A7 is a dream come true,  The perfect camera.

But if I buy an A7 and then complain that the AF won't keep up with my kids running around, or be any good at shooting a local football match, then I am a fool.  I need an A99.

The problem with DPR debates is that they don't often enough consider what the camera is actually going to be used for.  It's measurement for measurement's sake.  And it's pretty pointless.

I am going to get an A7 when I am next in Hong Kong.  But the thing is, over the holidays I've been taking family snaps with an A58 and a cheap eBay Minolta lens.  It's a terrific little thing and costs buttons in comparison.  And, for most purposes, the IQ is perfectly excellent.  Excellent enough, in fact, to make one question the whole point of GAS to be honest.

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