Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: About comparisons

Ralf B wrote:

topstuff wrote:

Comparisons are , frankly, stupid.

Are you sure?

A lot of people read reviews and compare cameras, in and beyond mounts, sensors sizes etc., and then discuss their comparison results. Quite a number of folks compare the a99 to the a7+LA-EA4 combo, given the fact that both are FF A Mount image capturing devices, and draw their conscious conclusions from that.

Are they all stupid?



Stupid? Probably not.  Gearheads?  Probably yes.  But lets not pretend that the debate is really about photography or creativity.  Its about measurebating and geekery.

DPR is, by definition, a place where the differences in gear are debated more than the creative process itself.  Most of the debates about gear are utterly, utterly worthless IMO because there really is no point in wondering if a picture of a park bench is better taken with an A7 or an A99.  It really does not matter.

The fact that someone actually chooses to compare A7 with A99 rather proves the point - one is a small, slow to use, purists cameras designed to handle manual third party lenses, great for studio and casual, wandering-around photography, while the other is a multi-function, multi-featured and multi role camera.  You can't compare them.  It is daft to try to.

The big question should be "what kind of photographer am I?"  The answer to this will define if the A7/A7R or the A99 is suitable.  Without this, the debate is pointless internet puff.

It is a bit like people complaining that the A7 does not have fast enough AF or the 1.5 frames per second is too slow.  Thats dumb.  It is what it is .  If it is too slow, buy something else.

I don't buy a sportscar and then complain that there is no room for my dog in the back and the boot is too small for my shopping.

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