Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock is NOT a myth. About the fixes.

captura wrote:

SS is probably a myth with the A7r. No real evidence ever presented, just a lot of babble.

The evidence is there alright, you just choose to ignore it. It has been tested by several pros (Davik K, Lloyd Chambers) that are far more competent than 99,9% percent people debating it without any personal testing. I've tested it too, posted about it ages ago

I can mostly  avoid it with my lenses, but weighting down the tripod is not always that easy in the field.

SS certainly exists with the Olympus cameras...I prevent it on my 2 Olympus cameras by setting up for a 1/8 sec. delay. The improvement is noticeable.

It does exits on A7R too. It can be mostly worked around, but it would really help if Sony could improve firmware around it too for tripod work. Unless there is structural/design issue with it they could work around it quite like Nikon and Leica for example; add a delay before shutter opens for exposure instead of current "slam shutter closed and immediately open"

About the so called fixes or arguments of "it is just user error"

1. "increase the shutter speed noob". Works in some cases, not so much in others and does not come "for free", aside obvious noise issues

- check the dxomark what happens to dynamic range when you bumb shutter from 1/25 to 1/200 using ISO. The FF DR edge flies out of the door, welcome the m43 camera phone levels

- when shooting brackets for HDR it is quite inconvenient to avoid some shutter speeds

- ND filters or ISO 50 can be used to slow down shutter but for some uses it, but again there are drawbacks. For outdoor near-macro (handheld or tripod) I personally shoot the fastest possible ISO 100 shutter speed means more keepers due to wind etc issues. I do not wan to slow down shutter or bumb ISO for faster.

Finally, the argument "you will not see it unless you go to look for it" does not make any sense whatsover. Why would one buy a 36 megapixel camera and not want/strive pixel level sharpness. Over 95% of shots shown by people to proof that "there's no shutters shock" are not that sharp to begin with.

I'm not slamming the A7R here, I love the camera and would still buy one in a heartbeat, I'm also investing on the FE system/lenses and I'm optimizing my own workarounds for my shooting, but I'm no fanboy either that does not see that there could be real improvement done to make things more convenient/easy.

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