Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

Started Jan 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
007peter Forum Pro • Posts: 11,486
@jackgreen - not arguing which is better, just pointing out A7 is cheaper

I'm not here to argue which camera is better.  I'm merely answer O.P's question why A7 is cheaper.  Less parts = cheaper.  As to which camera is better, that is up to you to decide.

Your answer failed to answer why A7 is cheaper.  Learn to address/answer the Question!

jackgreen wrote:

1. it's slower, both in continious shoting and most probably in AF

2. Sensor-based Phase-detection is not yet proven technology

3. a7 is less versatile, less lens, cant use screw-driven lens.

4. less fault tolerant, 1 SD card slot.

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