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Keit ll wrote:

If shutter shock exists & I think that there is evidence that it does then it doesn't just affect longer telephoto lenses - it affects all lenses at certain shuter speeds , it's just that the movement affects longer lenses in a more easily seen manner.

I prefer to use low ISO's & often shoot images using the affected shutter speeds & this is a very real deterrent to me getting one of these cameras. The option of using higher ISO's in order to get higher shutter speeds does not seem am acceptable long-term solution to me. In the UK there is not blazing sunshine most of the time which forces us to use ND filters & the like to tame potential over -exposure

The fact that it seems to cause problems with IS systems is a double blow as I personally like to use IS whenever possible. These issues suggest that Sony rushed these cameras to market without properly considering this issue , I just hope that there is a firmware solution to the problem but I fear that there may not be one ?

I have not seen a shred of evidence of shutter shock with the 7r. I've examined all the links including Digilloyd and it's all misinformation, far as I can see, shutter shock is present in my 2 M43 cameras. (E-PL1 and E-PM1.) Putting in the 1/8 sec. delay works. Sorry for introducing this here but to me it is relevant to my point.

But I believe that IS is a separate issue on those cameras. An early 2-dimensional in-camera IBIS system, I have seen it cause very similar vibrations all by itself, (and while the 1/8 sec. delay was ON, ensuring that this occurence was shutter-shock independent.)

Turning off IBIS enhanced the picture effect in the same way as invoking the 1/8 second delay. But I am satisfied that IS effect and shutter-shock are separate issues, on these Olympus cameras.

I cannot speak to a similar effect caused by in-lens IS systems like Sony's OSS.

If you can accept that the A7r may indeed not have shutter shock effect, then you may like to ask; what, if anything, did Sony perform in the A7r design that prevents SS?

With respect I think that you are in denial - there is plenty of evidence that SS exist. Of course Sony could  settle this issue once & for all by issuing a detailed denial with appropriate evidence but as usual they are keeping silent.

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