Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: STOP PLEASE.. why this reaction in such fashion?

K E Hoffman wrote:

topcon2 wrote:

Call me a cynic, but IMO Sony's pricing strategies for these cameras have nothing to do with their respective capabilities, and everything to do with the Sony CEO's perception of a captive market for the A99 vs the conquest sales potential for the A7.


What if the summary of characteristics in the Sony A Mount represent that dream system, but there are some holes in the line-up that are worrysome in the context of the conscious buying decisions made so far by the respective consumer?

Its not that I am Pro Sony.. I anti self-defeating whiners..

Concluding that a fellow forum member is such a whiner who has to grow up from the quoted lines above is a bit over the top, don't you think? I certainly do.

Visit the definition of captive market here and reconsider your post in the context of the OP. The DSLR/SLT market is not even a captive market for sure for the woman who has to choose where to put her money (car or kid) as she will never be able to buy either the A7 or a99 raised as points in the OP. She is not in the target market as potential consumer.

With that out of the way, on topic: The choice that Sony now offers for the target market, current and potential A Mount full frame shooters has actually grown to three current options: a99, A7 + LA-EA3/4 or A7R + LA-EA3/4, with the two latter offering a wealth of choices in accessories and lenses from other systems. The question in the OP why the a99 body only price is still at a whooping 2800 US-$ is even more relevant with the Sony-in house competition now available.

BTW, in Europe, the a99 body only price is eroding fast to 2000 Euros, on the level of the a7 + LA-EA4 combo. I would consider that a sound market(ing) reaction in conquest sales potential territory.


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