The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Ralph McKenzie wrote:

Interesting you should mention the Instax. Its the only Fuji camera that receives any media coverage, in retail flyers or television advertising. You never see a Fuji advert on TV pertaining to anything other than that camera and occasionally the S8400 when its on special from a retail chain.

Otherwise Fuji advertising is no existent.

I get more consistent hits on my Instax shots on a daily basis, than any other images - interesting to see how much traction Instax has.

Instax is the only film you can find in no nphotography stores here in China. It's very easy to find and is VERY popular. Interestingly, Fujifilm's quarterly report presentation mentioned INSTAX as a growth area in 2014. That was the ONLY photography related business that got mentioned in the growth slides.

I like my Mini 90 - it's a satisfying experience to have the image in your hand so quickly

Instant film is HIGHLY addictive. I've shot a few hundred pics with my kids and I never tire of watching the image appear. I hope Fujifilm makes a Neo 210 or something like that. The mini's just a bit too small for me.

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