Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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K E Hoffman
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STOP PLEASE.. Just Grow Up

topcon2 wrote:

Call me a cynic, but IMO Sony's pricing strategies for these cameras have nothing to do with their respective capabilities, and everything to do with the Sony CEO's perception of a captive market for the A99 vs the conquest sales potential for the A7.

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Captive?.. Your job sends the paycheck to Sony and they allocate the money? Maybe Sony has a family member held in an undisclosed location and won't release them until you BUY another Sony camera?

Captive? OMG!

SELL THE GEAR and GO BUY THE FREEKING SYSTEM OF YOUR DREAMS. And if you can't replace your used gear 1:1 with used GEAR of the Dream System.. Then you like an adult.. Prioritize your lenses.. and replace the ones you need and allocate some of your budget to saving for the ones you really don't use a lot. So then you will never ever have to feel like a captive again..

That is how a proactive, accountable Adult deals with CHOICE unless that is just your comfort zone "Not my fault, poor me":-P

Why on earth do adults fell better by disempowering themselves over and over and over. VS owning their own ability to run their own lives and choosing!

Do you have a clue the hardship some people have in life.

A wife with CANCER [BTDT]

A mom who is choosing between feeding her kids and repairing the car she drives to work

And people DARE to take on the IDEA that their choices in camera gadgets is someone else's fault and they have no power. And they actually get up set about being "abused" vs just buying the camera system you think is better

Sorry but it is pathetic.

Its not that I am Pro Sony.. I anti self-defeating whiners..

Let me give you a hint. I have a Canon 450D.. sweet little camera $200 off ebay in perfect condition.. Why because 90% of the Astrophotography gear and software works best with Canon.

You can move systems used bargain by used bargain.. or you can be a crybaby..


And on the Astronomy Forums when people asked what should I get... I NEVER ONCE SAID SONY.. if they had a Sony I helped them make it work.. but I often said "get a used canon for just AP.. "

So really its that pathetic whining that is bugging me ... not anyone having critiques of Sony .

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