Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

123Mike wrote:

I want the A99 to win, because I wish it'd be better. But, it's not. Siding with scientific evidence, the A99 is inferior IQ wise. Some people like to talk and chat and fantasize that away. I wish they were right. But, they're not.

I seriously hope Sony comes up with a better A mount FF... but WHEN? IF AT ALL???

It depends on what you care about.

Brian Smith doesn't bet his lucrative celebrity portrait career on A99s for the little benefit Sony may grant him in being an open user of the product and he can afford and access any gear he wants Sony seems to be his favorite from what I read and see.

But he also doesn't shoot high ISO portraits..

There is no one sensor for ALL lighting and subject needs.. the sensor will always be Greener on the other mount for one reason or another.

I am still getting to know my A77 but even being well aware of the Noise cost to the design.. I love the thing and am looking forward to taking some time this winter to go do some street shots etc.  My Zoo outing today with the 70-300G no Lum NR  Minimal sharpening ISO 400-1600 for large Web postings... If I am shooting for large wall I will need to adapt to ISO 400 or less and for normal prints ISO 1600 or less but its an amazing machine.  I am optimistic that the new one will be better.

One of the things I got today was using the LR highlight recovery to deal with Artic Fox, Bald Eagle and White Wolf shots is just how much range the RAW has.. I didn't find a highlight I couldn't recover.. That is sweet news since blown highlights was my main issue with the KM5D a few years ago which as at the time a sweet High ISO camera.. and still has less noise at ISO 800 than the A77. But no detail at all with 6MP.

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