Tokina ATX 150-500mm/5.6 on e-Bay

Started Dec 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
Dave Senior Member • Posts: 1,598
Re: Tokina ATX 150-500mm/5.6 on e-Bay

Dave (Zx5Lx) here. Wow Kent!  Can't believe after all these years you recall our conversation....I'm impressed!  You nailed the performance of these two lenses to a "T".  I agree, a good sample of the Tokina 150-500 is indeed a decent bargain.  It does have some shortcomings when used with a 12MP sensor or hight, depending how large you plan to print but so does the Tamron 200-500 f5.6 and their 300 f2.8 and unique 400 f4 lenses.

You are  also right about the later Tokina 80-400 f5.6 lens.  It may be very small and light compared to the 150-500 but unfortunately as you stated, it's performance at the long end leaves much to be desired.

How ironic we should be talking about these lenses now.  Just a week ago I came across a Tokina 15-500 f5.6 in Nikon mount and was tempted to grab it.  Then I thought twice since I would be using it on a higher resolution DSLR and my guess is it would fall short for my needs.  Still all in all, a good sample has potential for not a hugh sum of money.


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