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Some things to think about when composing...

Some things to think about when composing in camera:

1. What is the purpose of the picture? What are you trying sho/say? How effective does the composition do that?

2. Is there a center of interest? Most compositions need one. People want something to focus their attention on. The CofI helps tell the viewer what the image is about. Without it a viewer can feel somewhat lost.

3. Where is the CofI placed in the frame? Is it in a visually comfortable location? People will tell you about the Rule-of-Thirds, but it is often a little off. There are more pleasing geometric rules that have been used since before the Parathion was built. Google: "dynamic symmetry in photography"

A quick rule I was taught for a good placement of the CofI was to visualize a diagonal line from one corner of the frame to another. Then imagine a line from another corner that hits that diagonal at right angles. This gives you four possible CofI locations in the frame. It works best with a frame that has the proportions of a golden rectangle, but the FX frame is close enough. It does not work with a square frame. This is just a starting point, not a hard rule.

Consider whether the CofI draws your attention. Or is your eye distracted by something else? The eye goes to areas of high contrast. If there is something contrasting distracting in the frame, crop it out.

Consider balance. Does it feel comfortably balanced?

Those are some things to start with. Mostly, you can tell if they feel right. You just have to consider them.

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