Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

PLEASE Note the total Sensor rating for A7R and A99 are statically the same.. 89 to 90

The ISO number looks big until you realize ISO DOUBLES each step.. so that is only 1/2 stop.. basically the cost of the fulltime SLT on the A99 and if you added the $400 SLT adapter to the A7 it probably scores the same.

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Ok lets assume they are statically the same. The A7r still has greater resolution (36 MP) and both cameras still have slightly better ISO performance (albeit half stop as you mentioned). Lets keep the SLT adapter out for now. We are just referring to the camera and E mount lenses. Still the cameras are cheaper than the A99. And that's my whole point - you are getting better quality photos (possibly videos too) for a lot less.

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IF you are shooting slower moving subjects and landscapes etc.  the A7 will give you the SAME IQ as the A99, the A7R trades more pixels for some more noise, slower focus without the SLT adapter and no AA filter which can create issues with some kinds of photos especially if you crop them.

SENSOR is only about 60% of IQ, the system that manages the camera, lets the photographer manage it and focuses is the other 40%.

and the A99 going to be an easier camera to use for photographers that manage there camera controls .. My Zoo shots I was jumping to spot focus, shifting exposure because black bears and white wolves expose differently (I didn't post the black bear shots.. just not that interesting)

I suspect what's going on.. you got the A77 don't like the noise at 1:1 and so ordered an A99 now you are thinking maybe you should return both and get an A7.. and maybe you should its a good camera if don't need the extra capabilities of the A99 and are fine with the limited options for stabilization.

BUT there is not going to be an absolute empirical proof that the A7 is an A99 for 60% of the price etc.   But it may subjectively be a better camera for what you care about..

Just understand it is designed NOT to be a low cost A99.

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<

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