Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

jjcpa wrote:

A99 is selling at $2000 in a store here in Canada. I am still hesitating to get it or not. It has in-body stabilizer and tilt LCD which I need. I am using 5DII now.

This is a good example of a person for whom this decision is quite big - (moving from Canon to Sony or new to Sony). On one end Sony is launching more E mount lenses (I believe Sony knows the A7/A7r doesn't have IBIS so they will include it in all the new FF lE enses) and on the other end is the A99 with a lot of existing lenses but native A mount support and no E mount support.

I think (but not sure) that E mount cameras like the A7/A7r and newer can use all A mount lenses but the newer E mount lenses cannot be used on the A mount cameras. So its a big decision, investment wise for people like jjcpa and probably me as I am planning to upgrade after many years. And the writing is on the wall that Sony is investing to churn out more E mount lenses from both itself and 3rd parties. There was actually a pre-order E mount Carl Zeiss 24-70 FF lens selling on eBay for less price than the A mount

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NOT Every E-mount Lens is stabilized.  Sony and lens maker decide which lenses are stabilized.

Almost no A-mount lenses are stabilized.  Tamron and Sigma did a couple but usually don't include it in the Sony versions

NO SONY A-mount Lenses / NO Minolta A-mount lenses are stabilized.

ALL Lenses on A99 are stabilized.. That is a big difference  a few stabilized lenses EXPENSIVE vs DOZENS of Stabilized lenses.. some that can be bought for under $200 [old Minolta glass]

In general there is no need to run e-mount on A99 as Amount lenses are better... Note Sony is limiting zooms to F4 in most cases where A99 has F2.8 zooms etc.

E-mount is not a Pro Platform it has designed limitations...   Pros can use it.. and get good results but they have to adapt to slow lenses and limited lens choices and limited stabilization lens

The A7R has one real value to some serious enthusiasts over A-mount.  It adapts to some other lens sets like Canon and Leica that give it real value to some.   Blogger Ken ROCKWELL Challenged Canon to do this 10 years ago.. and recently declared Sony the Winner of the challenge..

Its a good camera for the price... so is the A99.. but to take advantage of the A99 you need to have money to build a set of Sony FF lenses.. to use the extra focusing features.

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