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S3ZAi wrote:

secondclaw wrote:

Not being a deal breaker to YOU is not the same as the issue being a myth. This is all I'm saying. Your argument, I would assume, that since the issue is relatively minor to you and the OP), therefore it does not exist. That makes no sense.

Actually, you still don't get it: the issue exists, but it is extremely minor. What causes it to become a myth is the whole issue being blown up by very questionable characters.

You probably don't know what myth is then ... 'minor' is not then same as 'none'. And obviously there are different uses of camera equipment, no? You can't conceive of anyone actually running into these issues constantly, due to their method of shooting? Granted these may be on the outer fringes of the photography curve, but so what? I'm sure if you experience a problem with a camera, and first responses to your issue would be to shut the hell up and take that nonsense elsewhere, you will be set straight. Right?

I really have no idea why you are so condescending and aggressive toward those experiencing such issues. Is this personal?

Yes it is. I look up someones history and I see the person has only been posting extremely negative comments on a certain camera on purpose, without owning the camera himself. So he is actually NOT experiencing the issue, he is hijacking the issue for hiw own questionable ends. Also this person is not shying away from blatantly lying.

Than what do you expect me to do? Forgive him and say he's such a wise, nice person?

Ignore it. There are three outcomes if you do, unless you have some stake in Sony's brand/image (which I doubt):

1. The issue is really insignificant and these posters will eventually go away.

2. The issue is real and people will be looking for a solution, or a way to work around a problem.

3. The issue is not real, and they sell/return camera. Clearly then they shouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Yea it may scare a few from buying a camera, or possibly if a solution is found, it will gain a few more buyers.

Win - Win, isn't it? Working out an issue, as we have (eventually) in the banding/compression thread is much more beneficial than a bitch-fest it started out as. Besides, just because someone has a history of posting nonsense, doesn't automatically disqualify them from any future real issues. In that banding thread, onto which I stumbled via search (after experiencing the problem myself), I saw OP's example, and it was exactly the issue I was experiencing. Yet the thread was going nowhere, partly due to you and others like you belittling both OP and myself. Even if you have history with that Max/Edna person, so what? In 5 - 10 normal posts the issue was mostly sorted out (or at least new ideas to look for solutions).

Concerning 'other' people experiencing the SS issue. I have read this all over the web, long before the camera came out. It didn't stop me from buying it, but it has since been noted and confirmed by many:

1. A nice mostly civil thread on FM about it and some solutions (mostly clumsy) on how to fix it.

2. Plenty of discussions and links on SAR and other photography blogs.

3. Many topics here.

4. Diglloyd (whether you believe them or not is a different point - it has been published).

It isn't just one person blowing something out of proportion. Even if someone has an agenda, you think its a conspiracy now? I couldn't replicate the issues, but haven't gone around looking for it, since that shutter speed range is not why I got this camera. But I won't automatically presume it doesn't exist.

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