Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

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Re: Why is the A7 selling cheaper than the A99 ?

kartikjayaraman wrote:

I would like to understand what makes you think the A99 is a better camera than the A7 or A7r? The A99 has some pros and cons and so do the A7 and A7r. Its pretty much a tie between these cameras (features wise), Yeah one has GPS, one does not, one has WiFi and one does not, one has 177 AF points, one has 19 and so on...details here...no need to go over it...



Now I understand that some users would prefer one over the other and that is perfectly understandable. But from what I see, the main purpose of a camera is to take good pictures and help take pictures in challenging lighting conditions. So for the same brand, why the huge difference (percentage wise, the A99 is around 50% more expensive than the A7) despite being a year old.

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  • CaptBob got some..
  • IBIS and full time Phase Detect AF
  • Better LCD Tilt System  Higher Res display
  • Based on some posts the EVF etc is more responsive.  Some complaints about turn on time from new A7 users.  I know the A77 my EVF is always ready to go.
  • focus limiter..
  • then just hold it.. larger hand fitting body smaller hands might prefer the A7
  • More FPS matched to a faster focusing system.
  • I am pretty sure they are the same sensor with the A7 microlens system added to deal with the close sensor to lens distance on the edge of the sensor.
  • The DXO number that site grabs is only 1/2 stop.so really not difference. probably the difference between SLT and no SLT mirror infront of the sensor.
  • A99 has User memories like you A77 for storing settings.. A7 does not that I can see
  • And smaller body has a much more menue driven UI vs quickly accessed User buttons, joysicks and dials.

And the A7 shutter is LOUD because there is no body size to muffle the noise

Its a nice camera but its not a competitor to the A99 it is for a different type of user and set of needs (a few will overlap but not really)

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