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A Corrected Image

John1908 wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Some interesting compositions, especially the verticals. The D800 has captured some nice range of tones. Something tells me you are hand holding? Nothing wrong with that although slower work on the tripod really fine tunes things and ISO 100. About the keystoning distortion - with all those nice pixels the D800 has, try holding the camera more level, the crop a bunch later to get your composition.

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Ernie, thanks for your thoughts. Yes these were handheld using the tamron 24-70mm vc so i was pretty much okay with camera shake. Regarding the distortion, i tend to use Viewnx 2 and lightroom 5 for my workflow. For whatever reason, distortion is so hard for me to pick out and say "oh my i need to fix that" don't know what it is. Anyway, what's the best way in fixing this? Is there a lens correction that i have to enable?

Thanks for the help

I quickly did this using CS5 and the Lens Correction filter tool.  Mostly the vertical perspective needed to be adjusted with a little horizontal.

Note how much of the original image is 'lost' in order to straighten the verticals.  So keep that in mind when composing the original shot.

A more affordable image editing program to perform the needed lens corrections is made by DXO.  Google it for their web site.

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