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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

secondclaw wrote:

Not being a deal breaker to YOU is not the same as the issue being a myth. This is all I'm saying. Your argument, I would assume, that since the issue is relatively minor to you and the OP), therefore it does not exist. That makes no sense.

Actually, you still don't get it: the issue exists, but it is extremely minor. What causes it to become a myth is the whole issue being blown up by very questionable characters.

I really have no idea why you are so condescending and aggressive toward those experiencing such issues. Is this personal?

Yes it is. I look up someones history and I see the person has only been posting extremely negative comments on a certain camera on purpose, without owning the camera himself. So he is actually NOT experiencing the issue, he is hijacking the issue for hiw own questionable ends. Also this person is not shying away from blatantly lying. Than what do you expect me to do? Forgive him and say he's such a wise, nice person?

Just one example:

He wrote this in another thread:

"It's being documented as we speak on about a dozen websites. The threads discussing it on this forum have gone missing though. Shutter shock and shocking moderation! You can't stop the flow of information. It'll get out for sure."

From this post, all sentences are blatant lies. I have following this issue very closely as I own the camera and I would actually choose to return it if there was really an issue. He says: "it's being documented", LIE! It's being discussed, there is no consensus on the problem or the scope of it. He says that some threads have gone missing, as if the issue is being censored. LIE! I have been around here non-stop for weeks, I have not seen a single thread disappearing. I skip the next sentence as it is the same. And than the last bit: "You can't stop the flow of information. It'll get out for sure" Another blatant lie. As if we are trying to hide something here. People like this throw me off as people with no ehical values whatsoever, people without any character and perhaps with a hidden agenda.

If you talk about significance (or lack thereof) of the issues, fine, I may actually agree with you on some of them, especially if occurrence is in a very narrow range of cases. But to go after those reporting such issues and asking for help is just plain wrong.

There have been others reporting problems/issues which are based on the TRUTH, I never felt the need to go after them.

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