Nikon d800 Princeton

Started Dec 31, 2013 | Photos thread
ryan2007 Forum Pro • Posts: 12,001
Re: Nikon d800 Princeton

I think it is a matter of focal length choice. If you are able re-shoot using a 35 mm focal length.

If possible and you you have a lens that covers the initial 24 mm up to at least 70 mm take the same shot at each focal length and you'll see how the perspective will change. If you have to shoot wide with no correct it is best to keep the camera and lens level to the structure.

This can mean using a tall tripod with a cable release to get the camera taller than you into position. In short, don't tilt the camera up or down for architecture IMO.

If your intent is architecture photography correcting with the idea of what a tilt/shift lens can do is ideal.

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