Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

Len_Gee wrote:


A non-geek photog ( she shoots with a Canon G12 on Auto Mode ) emailed this article to me:

So, she got me an iPhone5 as a Christmas present. The iPhone5 camera IQ is not too bad in good light and makes it convenient to upload pics for sharing on social media sites , self pics of my travels, and to quickly email pics to friends and family. Not so good IQ in restaurant/pubs, just OK, I reckon.

I'm thinking of just using iPhone5 as the backup to my existing MFT or Sony RX100 when on vacation trips since I'm just a casual photo enthusiast snapping memory type photos. And I have no illusions of taking award winning Nat Geo type photos. I'm at the age where small and light kit is good.


Do you agree with the NYT article?

Agree with their statement of the current conditions but not on where things will go.  I believe MILCs will supplant SLR's as technology progresses. EM1 really shines and feel it is very competitive with SLR's.  optical viewfinder as case in point.  Anecdotal but based on forum comments and reviews most seem to like, and in some cases prefer the EM1's viewfinder. I was sold on the EM5 viewfinder but suppose I had lower expectations as my SLR's were an E1 and E30.  Note, MILC does not mean just m4/3.  The mirror box will soon be a thing of the past IMHO.

How many of you are planning to add more MFT/mirrorless cameras or lenses to your stable in 2014?

Think an EM1 is in the future depending on what I get in sale of old equipment, tax refund and bonus.

Why? Need or G.A.S. ?

GAS for sure.

And, do you use your smartphone as primary backup to your MFT /mirrorless kit(s)?

Yes.  Always have it with me.  Nice for documenting dry erase boards at work and other "info" that needs to be shared quickly.  In decent light they really do a fair job.

Regards and happy 2014.

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